Fashion 's Morocco Caftan Takchita 2013

We love a caftan. So when, online http://caftan-maghrebi.blogspot.com/  purveyor of beautiful lifestyle products, ventured to Morocco for the country’s 2013
 Caftan Show, we required a first-hand report.  Don your most decadent garb and hop on a magic carpet, because we’re off to Marrakech!  Details on the show’s inspiration, the sumptuous collections and the drama of it all, below…
The Caftan Show is the premiere fashion event in Morocco, a country renowned for glamorous cultural fusion.  The presentations are nothing like what we see in New York, Paris or Milan, though.  Here’s what makes Morocco’s  Caftan Show a specifically memorable event on the international fashion calendar:
Theme: The Caftan Show has a designated theme and this year’s extravaganza paid tribute to Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan explorer, considered the greatest traveler of the Old World (he logged more miles than Marco Polo).  Twelve international designers were invited to create a collection incorporating the concept of travel, adventure and discovery.  Each designer imbued the traditional caftan with spectacular colors and embellishment according to their chosen geography.  Even the set designs and dance routines celebrated their respective destinations.


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